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The Ursuline School Film Club interviews

Innovation Campaign donors

about the exciting expansion of The Ursuline School.


Katie Vecchiano Sutherland ‘94 

Rina Gomez Verni ’82 P’10, Trustee

David Lorden, Faculty

Episode 3 - A 25th Reunion alumna, a Trustee, and a Faculty member highlight the aspects of the build they are most excited to see come to life.

Episode 3 - Donor Roundtable Podcast SeriesArtist Name
00:00 / 15:16


Alvin Bowles P'21 '26

Girard Tunney P'21

Shana Promuto-Kasarda '91, Trustee

Episode 2 - A conversation with two Ursuline dads and one alumna who all speak to the necessity of the expansion project to meet Ursuline's long term educational goals.

Episode 2 - Donor Roundtable Podcast SeriesArtist Name
00:00 / 19:54


JoAnn Murphy GP ‘06 ‘22, Trustee 

Belinda Palmer P’14, Trustee

Maura Zottner Gallucci ‘85 P’21

Episode 1 - A conversation about three donors' favorite things about Ursuline, and their hopes for how the build will improve student life here on campus. 

Episode 1 - Donor Roundtable Podcast SeriesArtist Name
00:00 / 26:08
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