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Mary Caryl (MC) and Paul McEvoy P'06


MC and Paul McEvoy on the day of Carolyn's wedding.

Catholic education has been a major focus of MC and Paul's philanthropic activity. The McEvoy family has been a long-standing supporter and beneficiary of Ursuline education for three generations, and counting! Their daughter, Carolyn McEvoy Galligan '06, celebrates her Ursuline education through her own efforts in support of the school. Most notably, Carolyn’s work on the CROWDS4TUS event significantly elevated participation among millennial alumnae.Their son, Paul C., graduated from Iona Prep, continuing another three-generation connection.

MC has been a leader in advancement at her schools in St. Joseph, Michigan: Lake Michigan Elementary and Catholic High Schools. This includes the creation of a technology fund honoring her mother, Caryl, for a chrome book program for both schools. When referring to the McEvoys, Nadia Bucholtz, Director of Advancement at LMC says, “they are the most amazing stewards of the Lake Catholic mission.”

Along with Paul, she was also a founding board member of the MAC Angels Foundation, an organization that supports families affected by ALS in the Metropolitan area. In 2017, the McEvoys were honored at a Gala by MAC Angels in recognition of their deep commitment to the organization.

Paul recently concluded a career in banking, finance, and investment management. Most recently, he was a Partner at DRA Advisors, a real estate investment firm based in NYC. Paul served on the Iona Prep board for 10 years and initiated the Margotta Scholarship Fund in honor of one of his coaches. He has also been recognized for his support of The Inner-City Scholarship Fund.

The Paul and Mary McEvoy Scholarship is just one more way that the family supports Ursuline. Recognizing that rising tuition costs make it difficult for many to attend, they established the scholarship in 2016 to assist students who would thrive at Ursuline given the chance.

MC and Paul join the CROWD every year and encourage others to do so by underwriting challenges to promote participation in our day of giving. In August 2019, the McEvoys made a leadership pledge to the Innovation Campaign which provided a significant boost at a critical time.


We are indeed fortunate that the McEvoys count The Ursuline School among their philanthropic priorities and are delighted to honor them at this special event.

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