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Campaign Overview

Ursuline has always been a leader in curriculum, pedagogy, technology and school programming. Our forward-thinking approach to education is exemplified by our innovative teachers and creative staff. The learning that takes place today includes Global Scholars rehearsing their capstone presentations, the Constitutional Law class joining a livestream of a court case out of Washington, DC, and 8th graders programing their robots to dance.

We have made some renovations in certain classrooms and spaces, keeping a careful eye on the budget. We have re-imagined the library, we have established a media arts center and broadcast studio, and we addressed the outdoor areas. We also invested grant funds to redesign a science classroom for project-based learning, as a pilot, with features such as mobile worktables and storage units, individual whiteboards and writable walls.


But critical needs have grown. And education has been changing.

Today, learners are creators; they invent and build in labs with 3-D printers, laser cutters, and fabrication machines. Today, young people collaborate on projects; they work in teams on challenging assignments and practice listening skills, trial and error, as well as perseverance. Today, students need to be comfortable with digital communications as well as traditional public debate; they learn to organize their ideas and present them in multiple formats.

CS students code at board, CP.JPG

Our challenge now is to construct outstanding facilities and provide the additional active learning spaces and community gathering areas that the young women of Ursuline need.

It is time to build.  It is now time to invest in our physical space so that our students can soar!


And so it is with great excitement that we introduce to you the $8.5 million capital campaign Building on the Tradition of Innovation #TUSTimeIsNow!

This Innovation Campaign will achieve three goals for Ursuline students: to build new spaces in line with 21st century learning approaches, to improve general campus functionality, and to incorporate new security features.

Every student will benefit from the
Innovation Campaign!

This Innovation Campaign micro site has been designed and is maintained by The Ursuline School, specifically with the involvement of Computer Graphic Design students Celia Broderick '21, Genna Buglione '21, Ciara Daly '21, and Madison Russo '21 under the direction of Meg LaBella, Graphic Designer and teacher, and Renata Cioth Mulder, Director of Communications.

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