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Catherine Falvey P’75, ‘77, ‘78 GP’00, ‘03, ‘17,’19


Kay Falvey with her family on Ring Day.

Kay Falvey has a long history with the Ursulines, dating back to first grade at Blessed Sacrament Grammar School in New Rochelle. The Ursulines ran the school at a time when the school was staffed only by nuns from the Order.  It was during her time there that she first learned the word SERVIAM! Kay graduated from Blessed Sacrament in 1940 and continued her studies at St. Gabriel’s High School. Kay attended the College of New Rochelle, which again, was fully staffed by the Ursuline nuns. After graduating in 1948, Kay returned to Blessed Sacrament Grammar School to teach for four years.

Kay married Dick Falvey in 1952. She left the New Rochelle area while Dick was in the Air Force followed by time in Washington, DC where Dick attended Georgetown University School of Dentistry. They returned to New Rochelle with the first five of their thirteen children (ten boys and three girls). All three daughters - Cathy ‘75, Sharon ‘77, and Beth ‘78 - attended The Ursuline School for high school, while the boys went to Blessed Sacrament High School and Iona Prep. Kay shared that some of them wanted to go to Ursuline!

On to the next generation! Four Falvey grandchildren - Kellie Falvey Sullivan ‘00, Kyle Falvey ‘03, Kay Woodtli ‘17 and Annie Woodtli ‘19 -  are all now graduates of The Ursuline School. Kay proudly shares that she has attended many basketball, lacrosse, softball, soccer and field hockey games at Ursuline, and has enjoyed seven Ring Days and Graduations! She is glad to have been a part of them all.

To further connect the Falvey family to the Ursulines, Dick’s first cousin, Sister Sheila Campbell OSU, has shared in every phase of their growth. Kay’s volunteer work includes Ursuline’s ESL program and St. Gabriel’s grammar school. “The moral of the story,” Kay explains,” is that we believe in Catholic education.”

Few have had an Ursuline legacy as deep and as rich as the Falveys and we are proud to honor their matriarch Kay Falvey at our Evening of Innovation.

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