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What is the construction timeline?

This is approximately an 18-month project. There are a number of variables that affect the timeline of a construction project but we started construction in June 2019. The Innovation Hub will be the first space completed. The entire build is expected to be completed in December 2020.

Will construction costs affect tuition?

Capital costs and tuition are different and will remain separate initiatives. Capital costs will be funded through the Campaign.  

What is the difference between the Campaign and the Annual Fund?

Both the Campaign and the Annual Fund matter greatly, but they serve different functions.

The Annual Fund provides immediate budgetary support for programs and experiences that enrich the Ursuline education and contribute to the leadership formation of each student. Examples include providing the Bibles at the 6th grade Bible Blessing, paying stipends to our outstanding speakers, purchasing equipment for the Engineering classroom.


The Annual Fund also provides crucial financial aid and scholarships for Ursuline students, as well as keeping our talented faculty and administration on the leading edge of educational trends and techniques with faculty professional development allowances.

The Campaign is about helping with the long-term improvement of our school: in this case, the physical campus.

Should I give to the Campaign or to the Annual Fund?

We encourage you to participate in both at a level that is appropriate for you. Maintaining the current participation rates in the Annual Fund is vitally important each school year. At the same time, we hope that you can become involved at this exciting moment in Ursuline’s history by helping make the school of the future a reality.

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